In order to offer the best possible guarantees of safety and hygiene against Covid-19, we have established and implemented a complete action plan.

We are aware that these measures may cause some discomfort, but we have activated them solely for the common good of all and in order to guarantee a safe stay.

For this reason, some services and facilities may be limited or not available.

Based on order SND / 399/2020 of May 9, 2020 of the Ministry of Health in collaboration with the ICTE (Spanish Institute of Tourist Quality)


Will be essential to present a certificate that demonstrates the completion of a diagnostic test for active infection by # COVID19 with a negative result to stay in any tourist establishment in the Canary Islands.

✅ The test must have been carried out in the last 72 hours and be approved by the health authorities of your country or the EU.

✅ It will be mandatory for people over 6 years old.

✅ The certificate may be presented in digital or paper format and it must contain the date, the time of the test, the identity data of the person, the authorized center responsible for the verification and the negative result.

✅ This certificate will not be required from travelers who prove that they have been in the Canary Islands for 15 days, nor from Canarian residents who declare that they have not left the archipelago in the 15 days prior to their arrival at the establishment.

✅ This certificate will not be required from travelers who has received a vaccine against COVID-19. A complete schedule will be required, with the last dose given at least 14 days before entering Spain. Any vaccine authorized by the European Union (European Medicines Agency, EMA) and WHO will be accepted.

In addition, all guests must download and keep active during their stay on the islands, as well as the 15 days immediately after their return to their place of origin, the Radar Covid infection alert mobile application:

Download app in Google Play

Based on 3996 DECREE law 17/2020, of October 29, on extraordinary measures in tourism to face the effects of the health and economic crisis produced by the pandemic caused by COVID-19. You can consult the complete law at the following link:


  • Use of masks by staff.
  • Establishment of online check-in to avoid the manipulation of documents physically. A few days before the date of your entry we will contact you to send you all the information by email or instant messaging so that you can proceed to check-in at least 48 hours before the date of your entry.
  • Payment by credit card 48 hours before check-in to avoid the manipulation of cash and credit cards physically.
  • Reduced Reception opening, exclusively for key collection and prior appointment.
  • Contact service 0: All the services offered by the Reception such as: tourist information, ticket sales, document printing, library, computer use, self-service laundry, luggage storage, etc., will only be available through instant messaging (whatsapp) , email and / or by appointment.
  • Disinfection of keys and loan products (such as hair dryer, umbrellas, beach towels, etc.) It is guaranteed that all products will be completely disinfected before they are received.
  • Use of masks and hydroalcoholic gel at the entrance of the Reception by the guests.
  • The check-out time is early at 11:00, while the check-in time continues at 4:00 p.m. in order to comply with the new cleaning measures in the apartments. As far as possible, whenever it is in our hands, we will try to facilitate early check-in and late check-out to avoid unnecessary circulation in common areas and use of luggage storage.


  • Cleaning will be permanently reinforced.
  • Please use hydroalcoholic gel provided for this throughout the complex, especially at the entrance of the complex, Reception, access to the elevator, pool and stairs.
  • The use of masks is mandatory around the common areas as long as you can not respect the safety distance of two meters with the rest of the guests and staff and except inside the pool and during your stay in the hammocks
  • The safety distance of 2 meters between other guests and staff must be respected at all times.
  • The Elevator can only be used by a single person or people who share the same apartment. As far as possible, the use of the elevator is requested for people with reduced mobility or with luggage, and to go up to the floors trying to go down the stairs.
  • As far as possible, please follow the indicated itinerary for entering and leaving the complex.


  • Total disinfection of the apartment and all its elements is guaranteed before its reception.
  • All non-essential decor items have been removed as well as magazines, brochures.
  • The elements of the apartments have been reduced to the basics, making the rest available at the Reception where they are properly disinfected. To request them you can do it through instant messaging (whatsapp) or email.
  • Use of masks and gloves by staff.
  • During the cleaning or maintenance of the apartments, guests will not be able to be found inside. A cleaning schedule will be established to facilitate compliance with the protocol. If you wish, you can waive the cleaning service during your stay. A protocol will be established to separate clean from dirty clothes to avoid any cross contamination. In the event that guests must be in the apartment at that time for justified reasons, they must wear masks throughout the period.


  • The use of hydroalcoholic gel is requested at the entrance of the pool area.
  • We have been forced to reduce the capacity of the pool and with it the number of hammocks in order to maintain a safety distance of 2 meters.
  • You must respect the safety distance of two meters between your hammocks and those of other guests who do not belong to the same apartment.
  • The use of a mask is mandatory except: inside the pool, during your stay in the hammocks and during your transfer from the hammock to the inside of the pool, as long as you can respect the safety distance of two meters with the rest of the guests and staff.
  • You must disinfect the hammocks before and after use with the material provided for it.
  • So that everyone can enjoy the reduced services, it is totally forbidden to reserve hammocks.
  • Please avoid using the pool toilet as much as possible and instead use your own apartment.

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